I'm an SEO and I Don't Give a Flying Cow What Your Site Visitors Want

Sep 27, 2007 • 12:19 pm | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under Search Engine & SEO Theory

A forums member wants to know who the boss is. In your work as an SEO, are you optimizing pages for the site owner, search engines or web site visitors?

The writer asks,

"Now wouldn't we all be out of a job if we did whatever is best for the people viewing the site? We do what is best for our customers. The people paying us to make their websites....Of course, we need to provide something for the viewers out there to 'view'. But really, isn't this secondary to delivering a product to them?"

Ammon Johns responds:

"All the searching on major search engines happened in the early phases - the pure research phases. By the time they were holding their credit card, they were using another means to find the best price, such as a price comparison site.

The SEM uses this knowledge to change the way he markets to this small but growing portion of the market. He makes sure he provides material for those early 'scouting' type searches. He provides impressive information to make a good experience for the user. He builds a brand.

Because later, when that person is shopping for prices, if his site is any one of the options, he's got that sale on the trust he built, and the positive experiences given.

That is why it is all about giving an excellent, remarkable, memorable user-experience to every visitor."

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Ben Pfeiffer

09/27/2007 05:52 pm

LOL! Love the title!

Kim Krause Berg

09/27/2007 08:08 pm

LOL. Barry's gonna kill me when he gets home :)


09/27/2007 08:57 pm

SEO web design is the art of optimizing a custom designed web site to gain better/higher rankings for a popular keyword, the web design part is using marketing skills to generate a motivated response in the end user visiting the marketing website. ;)

David Fairhurst

09/28/2007 02:07 pm

I have to agree with Mega Star Media... there is no point getting all those hard-won visitors to your nice new SEO friendly website if you scare them away again with a people-unfriendly design with little to see and even less to do, it really needs a lot of balance between good SEO friendly design and people-centric design. You have to be part programmer and part psychologist in this game!

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