Google Analytics Limits You to 50 Accounts

Sep 26, 2007 • 9:16 am | comments (9) by twitter | Filed Under Other Google Topics

My friend Sam, who I met at SES New York, ran into an interesting dilemma at the Cre8asite Forums. She's managing several Google Analytics accounts under one master account.

According to the Google Analytics Help, Google Analytics will track an unlimited amount of websites.

However, she's stuck at 50 and is getting the following message:

Add Website Profile » You have reached the maximum number of website profiles allowed.

Interesting. Is this a bug?

However, while there's a lot of convenience to monitor multiple accounts under one single account so as not to require hundreds of logins, it may be simpler in the future to use separate accounts in case you need to give clients access if they no longer do business with you:

I think its a good practice to have separate accounts for different clients, and you should have it with clients login, because if client for some reason want to leave you, then you want have difficulty giving him access

This is a good point, but I'd be inclined to request two things: if Google Analytics is unlimited, please let us know, and can we make it easier to separate Google Analytics accounts in the future without going through the Google team if the time comes?

Forum discussion continues at Cre8asite Forums.

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09/26/2007 02:38 pm

You can actually limit on a per-site basis which accounts have access so you can give a client access to only a single site, not all of them in your account. That way you don't need to have a hundred logins, but rather just one -- providing exact access to each particular client.


09/26/2007 03:50 pm

Before I duplicate a comment, I would recommend doing what the guy above said ^


09/26/2007 09:50 pm

What you're saying then, Jonathan, is that I could have a large master account with all of my clients set up and with the one login grant each client access to different accounts and they wouldn't see other peoples but only their own? All under one master login? How would you set something like that up? I'm trying to imagine how if you and I had the same login I would be able to limit the report you could see to yours and limit the report I see to my own. Could you explain how I would do this? Maybe I'm not understanding correctly, I'm sorry, but thank you for the help, this way sounds interesting and I'd like to understand more. -Sam

No Name

09/27/2007 01:22 am

How is it possible? Please Explain a way to give seperate report or granting access to each site to each customers.If it can be done then its really an added advantage.

Carter Mason

09/28/2007 06:35 am

You just create a user with only access to their account. You don't give them your login which would give them access to all of your accounts.

No Name

01/02/2008 08:23 pm

If you give a user "View Reports Only" access to a profile, they will only be able to see that profile. However, if they want Administrative access, they'll be able to see every profile under a single Analytics Account. I recommend creating a separate analytics account for each client. Then they can add/change/delete profiles however they like, and they won't be messing up anyone else's data.

Alok Jain

03/30/2009 01:04 pm

The concept sounds bit complicated, but actually it is really simple: 1. you create one google account. 2. you can create multiple analytics accounts using above google account. 3. you can create upto 50 profiles in one analytics account. I think that solves the query in simple words. Option to create and access multiple accounts is available from dropdown in top right of the analytics page. However there is an pageview limits of 5million per month. I am not sure this pageview limit applies per profile or per account

David Ball

07/03/2009 11:08 am

We use the method described by Alok above. One master google account contains multiple analytics accounts, one for each client. This is really handy because each client then can have multiple profiles within it - idea for diff language versions, microsites etc. But there is a limit of 50 analytics profiles per google account - which means we have to split our clients across different google accounts. This is very annoying! It means we have to either keep a record of which client is in which google account, or just guess!


03/09/2011 04:04 pm

Now the google analytics just allow 25 profiles

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