Man Who Sues Google for $5 Billion Over Social Security Number Concern

Sep 26, 2007 • 9:42 am | comments (2) by | Filed Under Other Google Topics

About a week ago, Barry posted at Search Engine Land that a man is suing Google for $5 billion because he says that the word "Google" turned upside down looks so much like his social security number. Interestingly enough, Google has 6 letters whereas a social security number has 9 digits. I wonder if he meant "Gooooogle."

In any event, DigitalPoint Forums members think that the guy is absolutely ridiculous (a claim echoed by me).

If this guy actually wins this, then I will commit suicide.

(They say that he should sue Google after he commits suicide.)

If he wins this case, I will pay some politician to get me that SSN.

Most people think that the guy suing Google is just brainless. Others think that it's just the nature of the American judicial system since it's so easy to start a frivolous lawsuit in this country in comparison to others.

Forum discussion continues at DigitalPoint Forums.

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