Google Shares Security Checklist with Webmasters

Sep 21, 2007 • 9:31 am | comments (1) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

The Google Webmasters Blog has published a checklist for webmasters to get a better idea of their site security. A quick rundown of the steps to be performed:

  • Check your server configuration
  • Keep on top of the latest updates and patches.
  • Watch your log files.
  • Ensure that common site vulnerabilities are patched.
  • Be cautious of third-party content providers.
  • Use the Google site: search to see what pages are indexed.
  • Use Google's Webmaster Tools
  • Use secure protocols (SSH, SFTP)
  • Read the Google Online Security Blog
  • Get support from your hosting company if necessary.

Overall, good list. Google adds that this list is a good starting point but if you're overly concerned about the security of your site, you should conduct research elsewhere as well. Alslo, good advice.

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Sam Daams

09/22/2007 09:57 am

I wish Google would publish whether reverse cloaking is allowed in order to protect your site from the problem that is proxies. Not that proxies themselves are the problem, the problem is that Google can't figure them out and has no way to ensure they are getting the original site listed and not penalized instead. Now THAT would be a useful post from Google!

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