Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool Seems Dead

Sep 17, 2007 • 9:44 am | comments (18) by twitter | Filed Under Keyword Research

A DigitalPoint Forums member reports that the Yahoo! Overture Keyword Tool is no longer providing results.

I reproduced this as illustrated below.

Goodbye, Overture

It looks like the Overture tool is finally gone unless this is a bug. YahooSarah said in January that Overture would be offline until an updated product was released. Does this mean the product is ready? After all, in May, Yahoo stopped updating the Overture tool. It has been four months so hopefully a new tool will be announced shortly.

Since so many tools use the Overture API, I certainly hope that this is the case. DigitalPoint Forums members agree.

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09/17/2007 01:55 pm

Considering that I've been reading that universal search and other methods are working to change and even remove the [lack of better word] strength of keywords - I'm wondering if they have something new or just gave up. ???? I hope it is something new....


09/17/2007 02:38 pm

Yep... it seems dead. I'm using Keyword Elite and since there are no overture results, I can't even get KEI and R/S infos. Hope they come out with something new too. :(


09/17/2007 02:41 pm

Anyone have any other tools they recommend? Thanks Phillip


09/17/2007 06:02 pm

Phillip - I really like Google's tool..... https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

No Name

09/18/2007 05:51 am

Overture keyword tools is one of the most usuable keyword research tool... and its seems dead now from many weeks... Waiting for their update now...

David Leonhardt

09/18/2007 12:15 pm

Keyword Discovery has a number of databases. Although they also show Overture results, I rarely use those except as corroboration when I sense there might be an aberration in the main KD databases.

Mike B. Geeks.com

09/19/2007 07:07 pm

Arrrgggghhh....can't live without my tools!!!


09/19/2007 08:10 pm

I think, it was a very good tool ...


09/20/2007 12:31 am

Can anyone recommend a tool for Australian results. I'm struggling to find something that was good as the Overture Tool. Lets hope this is temporary and they a Yahoo releases the new tool.

Jeff Woelker

09/21/2007 02:28 pm

It was working for me this morning (9/21/2007 @ 9:28 CST). Check it again.


12/10/2007 01:04 am

don't worry, we can use google adword tools.

No Name

12/27/2007 09:16 am

I like the counter with overture. Google doesn't supply a monthly counter.


01/24/2008 04:40 am

Overture keyword is not dead you can find it here http://pixelfast.com/overture/ View satellite image of your house with the free version of <a href="http://www.satelliteimage-of-my-house.com">Earth Explorer </a>


01/31/2008 08:20 pm

It's there but (1) times out far too frequently, and (2) is showing results from January 0f 2007, a year out of date... useless.

Richard Cummings

04/25/2008 05:33 pm

Just checked all of the information above. I'm not wild about google's keyword tool. Does anybody have others to recommend? Thanks, Richard

Bob Stein

05/01/2008 04:33 pm

Two keyword tools I sorta like: http://freekeywords.wordtracker.com/ (overture mimic) http://www.kwbrowse.com/ (on the unusual side of original) Google's tools seem brusque and secretive somehow. Is it just a graph versus number thing? P.S. I like the overture numbers too, but of course the units are flagrantly fictional. They claim, for example, that in one month 545 people searched for some combination of the keywords "beginning beginning commerce e from from novice novice php postgresql professional professional"


06/13/2008 11:27 am

Overture was always my primary keyword tool and since it has gone I have been trying to find something similar. I have reently been using Miva which does give a search count. You can find a list of keyowrd tools at http://www.build-a-web-site.co.uk/keyword-tools.html

Shawn Bishop

07/16/2008 06:47 pm

I recently upgraded a tool that may help. It's at www.keywordcalculator.com. Feel free to email any feedback and suggestions you have! - Shawn

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