Google Testing Suggest Search Result Feature?

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A WebmasterWorld thread is reporting that some members are noticing that Google is asking searchers to suggest other URLs they would like to see come up for specific searches.

Google says on the search results page, "Help improve search for everyone." Then asks you to click a link to submit a link. The link is something like this and takes you to a form that looks like this, after you login.

Google Suggest URL Feature

Google claims:

If you click yes, we'll save this suggestion with your Google Account so we can use it to improve your search results. This is an experimental feature and, based on this experiment, we may come up with other improvements in the future. Like all data in your Account, your suggestions are subject to our Privacy Policy. If you want to delete one of the suggestions from your account, just repeat your search and click "withdraw" next to the saved result.

After you submit the new URL, it takes you to a 404 page that is at

If you do a search for /reviews/ results, you get plenty of results.

Is this a new personalized search feature?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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09/17/2007 01:57 pm

It looks like they've taken a Custom Search/Co-op feature and brough it out into the mainstream SERPs. With Co-op, a user could specify websites that they had a preference for. Any search that found relevant content on that site would place that listing first. For example, a consumer may always want to see an Engadget review on top, if there's one available.


09/17/2007 02:40 pm

well, the giant is seeing what's going on on the web, just like anyone ... we're doing the same thing at only, there's a little less queries per day ;)

Spook SEO

03/23/2014 06:59 am

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