Do You Ever Purchase Products when Clicking on Google AdSense Ads?

Sep 6, 2007 • 9:05 am | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under Google AdWords

A WebmasterWorld member asks what value Google AdWords has for the potential advertiser. Do you actually use AdSense and buy products, do you click on the ad and do nothing, or do you ignore the ad altogether?

It's a really difficult question to ask to the webmaster community because our behavior differs from that of the average computer user. It's also something you'd have to answer on a case-by-case basis; you can't possibly get an accurate sample of data from such a small community who are seasoned Google advertisers/publishers/users.

The person who asked this question is filled with a lot of doubt; he is afraid to accept answers provided by others even though they are probably genuine. Yes, many people have purchased products in the past from AdSense ads.

But some people have certain criteria before they even click on ads.

Yes, but it has to be a REALY well written ad. I don't click poop copywriting.

On the AdSense side of things, the same publisher asks if it is a risk to put ads on a website. Will it destroy its reputation? When considering news sites and other sites that have an abundance of ads, I think not. Surely, there will be some people who are displeased with ads, but not everyone will. If you have a good site, you can still monetize.

There's no harm in advertising, and there's no harm in publishing. Behavior is different in every way. The best advice is to run a test -- either as a publisher or an advertiser -- to see if Google AdWords or Google AdSense works for you.

Forum thread at WebmasterWorld.

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Matt Houldsworth

09/06/2007 09:58 pm

I think this is a very interesting question and could perhaps be answered in the following way. I myself am a web master, I know what is a paid ad and what is not, I generally don’t click on any link never mind paid links if they don’t interest me... on the other hand, if am looking for something specific I will click on any link that looks relevant.

Garry -

09/07/2007 01:19 am

I agree with Matt on this one... Prior to becoming a search marketer, I never clicked any sponsored ads - AT ALL. I always focused on organic results because I knew how hard it was to optimize pages to do well in Google, for instance. In fact, I would go so far as to dive into the third and sometimes fourth pages of SERPs searching for organically ranked sites, rather than pay attention to the Ads. If I didn't like what I found, I would long-tail my search. From what I now know, the vast majority of the searching public are not that extreme. Because of this we all keep our jobs.

Michelle Amos

09/07/2007 02:22 pm

I think everyone is right on key here. I am in the field of internet marketing. I am also the publisher of a blog about Adsense and Monetizing Websites. I personal VERY rarely click on any ads what so ever. The only exception for me is if I am researching something silly just for s**ts and giggles. When I'm wasting time I'll click on anything. The iggest deterent, however, is that all of us reading this article know better than to click on those ads in the right nav. and expect quality relevant content. Do me a favor check out my blog and see if you can find any adsense there. Enjoy!


09/10/2007 11:00 am

Very interesting question. And Michelle, no, I couldn't see any Adsense ads on your blog.

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