Yahoo Search Marketing Increases Minimum Deposit to $30


In November 2005, Yahoo lowered the minimum deposit from $30 to $5.

Early reports are coming from DigitalPoint Forums that Yahoo has now increased the $5 minimum from $5 to $35. Yes, flipping the minimum deposit back to that number pre-November 2005.

So I decided to give it a try and sign up for a new account and they are right. Here is a screen capture from the billing page on the sign up process:

Yahoo Search Marketing Min $30

You can see the minimum bid is now at $30.

Is this a bug? I took a look at the sponsored search page and it still says $5.

Each account requires a nonrefundable $5 initial deposit.

Maybe it is a bug because I didn't see an announcement on this.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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No Name

08/31/2007 12:20 pm

Yahoo UK min deposit is 60 GBP I think or 30 GBP, even it was so when I signed up. And about 30, yes, today noticed :-)

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