Use the "Ads by Google" Link to Report AdSense Spam

Aug 30, 2007 • 9:32 am | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under Google AdSense

Every Google Adsense ad -- including ads on splogs -- can be reported to Google if it is in violation of any particular AdSense guideline.

How is this done? Let's walk through an example from a splog.

First, you click on "Ads by Google" (in some instances, you will see "Feedback - Ads by Google").

Part 1: Click on Ads by Google to get Feedback options

Then, you will scroll down where you can click on "send Google feedback on the ads you just saw."

Part 2: Give Google Feedback on Your Ads

After that, expand the form to "report a violation."

Part 3: Report a violation

Fill out the required information.

Part 4: Report the splog to Google

After you report this splog, Google will send you a DMCA form to fill out and you'll have to show screen caps in order to validate your claim. It will take some time to get these DMCA complaints verified (which can be a bit of a pain), but in the end, it's worth it if you're concerned that your content is being ripped off.

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08/30/2007 11:16 pm

All of which would be really helpful if Google actually did something about it. I have reported sites a few times, to know avail. One guy had his site up for auction repeatedly, and said in the auction "go to the site and click a Google ad to see how the site makes money".


12/13/2007 11:38 pm

I never tried clicking those, just thought they'd go to the Adsense page to sign up for an account, thats a pretty useful way to report ads.

No Name

12/20/2007 01:10 am

I've reported many of these splogs more than once and yet, months later, these sites are still around running AdSense. So I think reporting splogs to Google is useless.

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