Google Drops Current Time Search Operator?

Aug 29, 2007 • 7:58 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Google Topics

In the past, a search in Google in the format of [time in location] would return a little clock at the top of the search results, with the current time in that location.

For example, a search on time in san francisco or current time in london would return the current time in those locations at the top of the Google search results.

It appears that this feature is currently not working anymore. Current TimeWe know added a real-time clock to their search results. So the same searches in return the time in those locations. Try time in london or if you do a search just on london and scroll down and look on the right pane, you will see the real time clock.

Why did Google remove this feature from their search results? Was it a mistake, will it come back or is it gone forever?

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Benedict Herold

08/29/2007 11:35 pm

I noticed it recently... I was heavy user of it! I think now Ask will do that for me I guess!

alfred slit

08/30/2007 12:01 am

Hi is this so important? you want pagerank i understand you...

Matt Ellsworth

08/30/2007 01:23 am

I guess i just know most of the ones that I call often enough to do the math in my head... or close enough...

Matt Cutts

08/30/2007 02:43 am

I asked about this; sounds like it's a temporary thing that you just happened to notice. My guess is that it will be back on within a week or so.


09/08/2007 05:59 am

Its back , just noticed it today they have different colour clocks depending on the time of day

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