Advertisers Offer Feedback on Google AdWords "Campaign Optimizer" Tool

Aug 27, 2007 • 9:09 am | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under Google AdWords

WebmasterWorld members have experimented with the Google AdWords Campaign Optimizer tool and have offered some feedback regarding the tool.

Some users are finding that the tool does not perform, instead offering a message saying that the tool is "unable to optimize your campaign at this time."

Other members say that the Website Optimizer suggests that "www" be appended to URLs.

Finally, others are finding that Google is demanding a lot of money for minimum bids.

I know exactly what you are feeling. Google is insane with their min bids especially for new projects. Some of my keywords min bids jump from: .15 to .02 to .20 to .10 to .30 to .05 to .50 to .04. It is insane.

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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08/27/2007 02:51 pm

I believe you are referring to "Campaign Optimizer," (a different tool than "Website Optimizer").

Tamar Weinberg

08/27/2007 02:57 pm

Hey Jamie, thanks for noticing. Fixed. ;)


09/05/2007 07:49 pm

If it says it can't optimize your campaign it's more than likely that you have too many keywords in each of your ad groups. Stick with smaller campaigns. Once you do get it to work, it's basically giving you basic recommendations for your campaign. If you want a personalized, custom campaign optimization, contact your local Adwords rep.

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