Yahoo Search Update Underway - New Slurp Crawl Patterns

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The Yahoo Search Blog announced yesterday a new crawler behavior for the newly trained Slurp (Yahoo's search crawler). So instead of Slurp running around your site like an untamed animal, it is not more proper and polite.

I looked through the forums yesterday morning to find people discussing any ranking or traffic changes seen at Yahoo but came up with nothing.

Now, however, people are buzzing a bit about traffic changes seen from the Yahoo Search referrer.

One person saw a drop in traffic:

I just ran through some of my results page ranking for Yahoo and man-o-man have I taken a nosedive. Looking through G-Analytics its as if my site ceased to exist on Yahoo on August 18th.

An other person saw a huge spike in traffic:

I don't know if it's significant... but my Yahoo traffic quadrupled today and now outstrips my Google traffic. I don't know if it's a blip but it appears to be an improvement in traffic from Yahoo across the board and not from a few specific keywords.

Typically the forum threads come before any official Yahoo "weather report," but in this case, they came in after.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums and WebmasterWorld.

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08/23/2007 05:26 pm

I see an increased traffic from Yahoo! But it comes to me as a surprise that for which ever keyword I rank well in Google, the same keyword I rank well in Yahoo as well. I think Yahoo has made a lot of improvement in their algorithm lately.


08/24/2007 06:05 pm

I guess this explians why my analytic report shows more traffic from Yahoo - which in the past, was zero. Maybe it's a good thing.

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