How To Geotarget Your Google Ads to a Specific City

Aug 17, 2007 • 10:26 am | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under Google AdWords

A HighRankings Forum thread asks if there's an easy way to geotarget to a specific city and not to a general regional area (like Orange County, CA).

Indeed there is. There are many ways to target your ads, from countrywide (e.g. United States) to regional to citywide to a customized selection (for example, a 5 mile radius from Lexington, KY).

By default, American advertisers will often see something that looks like this, with United States selected as the default region:

Google AdWords Regional Targeting (Default for US)

However, as previously stated, you can change to a different type of targeting: countries/territories, regional, or customized:

Google AdWords Targeting Options (Country, Regional, Customized)

It's likely that the advertiser at High Rankings was using this feature which targets specific metropolitan areas:

Google AdWords Regional Targeting

But if you want to drill down to city, you can do something like this:

Google AdWords City Targeting

Yes, Google AdWords is very customizable in this respect.

Forum discussion continues at High Rankings Forum.

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08/17/2007 05:17 pm

this is the best info I've seen in a while, I've been bidding on local ads for LA county for months now, and kept getting calls from Bakersfield, Riverside, and places that are hours and hours away.


08/20/2007 05:17 am

Let's say you implemented the actual example in this post. What "geo-name" will show below your ad as it looks like you are adding two cities?


08/22/2008 09:07 am

Well, i want to display my ads in regional Google sites like, its not showing there but showing on version. plz help?

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