More Yahoo Search Ranking Changes


Over a week ago Yahoo announced a search update, telling us to expect "fresh web data and crawling, indexing and ranking algorithms over the last few days."

New reports are coming from WebmasterWorld of more changes to the Yahoo Search index.

The ones chatting right now are not too thrilled with these changes.

Seeing some more changes that look really bad. A major step backwards.

I think (hope) that this newest change reverts back to the original update. What I am seeing today, I saw for a few hours last week.

Although the current update is not the greatest, it is much better than what I am seeing today. The top ten for some competetive terms are flooded with suspended free hosting accounts.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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08/02/2007 12:42 pm

Yahoo only seem to be shooting themselves in the foot. With all the money and resources they have, they should diversify into markets Google is not in.

ken sutton

08/08/2007 11:22 am

it looks to me as if yahoo has brought its algorithms in line with google. Our site which google has always liked was never listed by yahoo. Now they have been converted.

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