Did Yahoo! Search Really Do a July 2007 Update?

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Last Thursday, July 19th, the Yahoo! Search Blog announced that they have started rolling out an update.

We've been rolling out some changes to our fresh web data and crawling, indexing and ranking algorithms over the last few days. We expect the update will be completed by the weekend. So, as you know, throughout this process you may see some changes in ranking as well as some shuffling of the pages in the index.

Since then, I have been waiting and seeking out threads discussing changes people have seen to the rankings in Yahoo. But I have yet to see any thread discussing any shifts and changes in the Yahoo Search results.

Typically, the forums spot these updates before they are announced. In this case, the announcement was made and still, there is fairly no discussion about changes in the search results.

There is a WebmasterWorld thread discussing the announcement of the update. There is one person saying he saw an increase in traffic from Yahoo, "One of my site was getting 1 or 2 daily from yahoo, suddenly it got 10 so far now." But outside of that, the only discussion in the forums I track are from the Y!Search Blog announcement.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld

Update: People are now discussing minor changes in ranking.

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Eric Lander

07/23/2007 12:45 pm

Just got finished recording my first Podcast (which, I conveniently can't upload until tonight), but I commented on this indirectly. In short, it seems to be that every time Yahoo updates, I'm on the outside looking in. I know I don't target Yahoo enough -- but they announce these updates and most webmasters and marketers are left wondering if they really did. I'd be curious as to what evidence there is of an update, outside of them saying so. Small fluctuations here and there are nothing new... They're the trademark of a working search engine -- not an indication that things have changed dramatically enough to call it an "update".


07/23/2007 03:32 pm

Our Yahoo traffic dipped on/near June 6th, and came back mid-July. We averaged around 2k visitors/day from Yahoo before June 6, dipped to < 1k, and are climbing back, currently at 1600-1700/day from Yahoo. Just me .02.


07/23/2007 07:48 pm

Yahoo now automatically includes the suggested search for mistyped keywords

Matt Cutts

07/24/2007 03:41 am

I saw some small changes..

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