Google Places Image Ad in Search Results!

Jul 16, 2007 • 8:26 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

You thought you would never see it, an image or interactive ad on a Google search results page. But it is here, finally.

A search for jason bourne has an ad at the top of the page, with an image, that contains a "Watch the movie trailer" link.

Here is a screen capture:
Image ad on

Clicking on the ad takes you to Clicking on "watch the movie trailer" shows this video embedded directly in the search results.

Marrisa Mayer of Google, did suggest this might happen in the future. But I am still very shocked.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

Postscript: Google has done something like this in the past, Danny covered it with NBC Scores Graphical Ads/Promos On Google in 2006.

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Brian Mark

07/16/2007 02:57 pm

The trailers at the movies reference so this shouldn't be a shock.

Jeremiah Owyang

07/16/2007 08:02 pm

I'm not surprised by this, it's part of the Google evolution. Check out my thoughts on the future and predictions of Google and Online video. Advertising is next --but with video. Check out my thoughts

Anthon-Pieter Wink

07/17/2007 08:26 am

A bit of a surprise here from Google's side but at 77 we don't think this is going to be a standard. Google has been closely linked to The Bourne Ultimatum since the start of the campaign, and we expect this to be a one-time-special to promote their own project. Providing special services for their partners might give them a foot-in when trying to convince other companies to collaborate.


07/17/2007 01:15 pm

I'm not sure its an "image ad" as such... I've searched for "the bourne ultimatum" and got no ads, purely just the image at the top. I noticed in the top right corner of the blue ad field it says "Google Promotion" rather than "Sponsored links" Cool though!

Jason Billingsley

07/17/2007 07:24 pm

They will likely be doing the same thing with retail products as my post on Google ecommerce gadgets outlines (hint: they ask for permission to show you the gadget on the main site when you add the gadget to iGoogle).

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