Interstitial Ads, Skip This Page Ad, Are Not Allowed by Google AdSense

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A WebmasterWorld thread asks if it is allowed to place AdSense ads on pages that require you to skip the ad to see the content.

There are many sites that have what are called interstitial ads. These ads act as a gateway to the content you want to see. Typically, you click from a site to see an article of interest. But before the content is shown to you, you are taken to an intermediate page, with an ad, that says this article is provided by Company X. After about ten or fifteen seconds, the page will automatically redirect to the article, or you can manually skip the ad.

To place Google AdSense ads on those pages is not allowed. I received confirmation from Google on this.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Divya Deep

02/04/2008 02:40 pm

Hi, I'm having a blog and i want to use interstitial advertising to advertise my blog. All i have is adsense ads on my page. Was kinda confused. So wanted to confirm. Could you suggest??


04/27/2009 09:19 am

So if it's can't be skip as Skip This we can skip it? for example viewer will click a botton to skip it?

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