Have You Used Your Search Knowledge to Play the Stock Market?

Jul 5, 2007 • 9:32 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Other Search Topics

An interesting thread has arisen on the Search Engine Watch Forums out of a relatively interesting question. Many of us who are "search savvy" can get a feel of what might be the next big thing. Do we invest in stocks because of our industry know-how?

It appears that a few people have done so.

Ian McAnerin has an interesting story to share about his experience with Yahoo. Some highlights are below:

[O]ne day I came across this cool site run by a student at Stanford named jyang. The directory was great, though it had a silly name (Yahoo). I sent him an email saying I liked his site and noticed he didn't have a lot of Canadian links. I also wanted to grab a bunch of his. We were both students so we basically agreed to swap links....

Anyway, a couple years later, I was walking by a newsstand and noticed that an issue of Barrons featured Yahoo as going IPO. SInce I was working with a small public company at the time (mostly for stock options), I was interested and read the article.

Funny thing was, Barrons thought that the stock was interesting, was concerned about monetization, and didn't really recommend buying. The reviewer said something to the effect that if you bought it, it would likely be a "nice ride".

I had more faith in Jerry's project and bought as much stock as I could on IPO day.

Do you ever have a hunch or are swayed based on industry talk? Do you have a story like Ian's to share?

Discussion continues at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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Jaan Kanellis

07/06/2007 04:38 am

During college I would trade between classes. I would love playing the online broker stocks. The ++ swings on those during the day paid for most of my college expenses. Those days of volatility are long gone for most internet stocks.

Victor Edinian

07/06/2007 02:43 pm

Funny thing is that my current client is involved in in-depth stock and option research and after thinking about it, I'd say buy the company that makes best sense to you. I bought Yhoo when YPN came out hoping and hunching that it would really rival AdSense. What happened? I lost $8k Management and other factors come into play. Bottom line, when it's your dough, diversify a little too just in case....

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