Google "Buffy" Update - June Update

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This may be considered a continuation of the June 2007 Google Update but it has now been given a name. The Buffy update, as it is now called out of respect for Vanessa Fox leaving Google, is currently underway.

Yes, Friday we reported a Google Webmaster Link Tool June 2007 Update but we now have a more detailed thread at WebmasterWorld describing major search results changes at

WebmasterWorld Admin explains:

Ever since Update Jagger, which prepared the way for Google's new Big Daddy infrastructure, the changes and shifts to the SERPs come so frequently that we haven't called an Update in over a year. Instead, we've been trying to watch the SERP changes in an ongoing, monthly thread that shifts with the irregular roll, pitch and yaw of the good ship Google.

But something quite major is now going on with the Google SERPs. Members are reporting major changes in the single word search results, most particularly, but lots of other things are stirred up as well. On one of my single keywords, I've just passed wikipedia (yeah!) and jdMorgan reported the same for one of his keywords.

So it's time -- we are officially declaring Update Buffy. We'll begin with recent posts from our June SERPs Watching thread. What do you see going on?

So why name it Buffy? Let's say it's in honor of someone who just left her job but knows a whole lot about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We've never gone with someone's formal name for an update. Tip of the hat to reseller, goodroi, and jdmorgan for their input.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Michael Martinez

06/18/2007 03:54 pm

Named updates are meaningless and irrelevant. Search engine updates are not hurricanes. People will never be able to place an update in context if all they have to go on is a name. Please don't help to perpetuate this named update nonsense. I know I am not the only person who objects to the use of update names.

Barry Schwartz

06/18/2007 04:09 pm

Michael, Nice of you to show tribute to Vanessa with your comment. I hate named updates also, but I report on the search community and this is very community driven. Your comment is just not nice.

Michael Martinez

06/18/2007 05:17 pm

Vanessa is a very nice person, very professional, always willing to provide as much help as she can. That in no way justifies perpetuating one of the most confusing and unproductive habits of the SEO industry. And, yes, you DO report on the search community discussions but you do have the freedom to be selective and NOT report stuff that really isn't newsworthy. I am sure you're aware by now, for example, that Matt Cutts has disputed the notion of any sort of update on his blog. He feels Tedster is making too many connections (something we all have done -- no disrespect intended to Tedster). In any event, I would rather not have to blame Vanessa for the perpetuation of a very bad tradition (the naming of SEO updates). I can think of many other, less counterintuitive means of respecting her decision to head off in a new direction.

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