Google AdWords Allows You To Block Ads With IP Exclusion

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Google just released a new feature for AdWords advertisers. Advertisers can now specify if they do not want their ads to show up for specific IP addresses.

Why is this useful? A few reasons. Let's say you know a competitor is clicking on your ads, you can block their IP address and they won't even see your ad. Even if they are not clicking on your ads, you may not want them to see your ads, so you can also prevent that. Another reason is if you search for your keywords a lot but don't click on your own ads, and you do not want it to impact your click through rate, you can also block your own IP address from seeing your own ads.

How do you see it? Go to tools and then click on IP Exclusion, then select a campaign and there you go.

You should see this: Google AdWords IP Exclusion

The AdWords help section adds that you can block up to twenty IP addresses or ranges of addresses, per campaign. "All ads in the campaign are prevented from showing for users with the IP addresses you specify, so we recommend you choose your list carefully."

Of course, if people are using dynamic IP addresses, this may get a bit tricky.

Finally, "Note: You may still receive some impressions and clicks from excluded IP addresses if a Google Network site doesn't provide users' IP information."

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Gavin Doolan

05/16/2008 03:39 pm

Thanks for the useful post, I was trying to remember how to achieve this in Adwords and this seems to be the only site I could find that covered this topic. I'd be interested to know if there are any tools that can help you determine what IP addresses your competitors are using? I believe there is a database that records company IP addresses but am unsure on how to find the data I'm looking for.

Jack Martin

06/07/2012 05:57 pm

Just wanted to mention that this process has changed in AdWords since this post was written. You can now find the IP Exclusion Tool under Campaigns > Display Network > Placements > Exclusions, then click on "Manage IP address exclusions" and that will do it. So it's a little more hidden than before. I wrote a guide with some screenshots on the new process for Portent's Conversation Marketing at

Jimmy Dingess

09/15/2012 01:37 pm

How would a competitor IP be determined?

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