Search Engine Optimization Shouldn't Come with a Money Back Guarnatee

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Have any SEOs in the house ever run into a problem with a potential client where the SEO is asked for a position guarantee -- satisfaction, or your money back? I'm sure it's happened to some people, and it is currently happening to a member at the High Rankings Forum. What do you do?

Well, for one, focus on conversions. Traffic is one thing, but if it doesn't convert to sales, it will probably have no value to the client. A lot of people look for increased traffic, but they should focus on better rankings, as moderator torka says. Her suggestions?

  1. Show your potential client results you achieved from other websites.
  2. Don't focus on a specific percentage. You can't control it.
  3. Watch out for your guarantees. If you're offering a money-back guarantee and you don't deliver, you owe your customer a refund.

Member MartinC has this to add:

The point to remember is that getting there takes time and effort, so if you are going to be judged/paid on performance you will have to take all the risk and you will also have to make sure that you are going to get paid for your efforts if you do achieve the goals and make sure that they are going to follow all your advice.

I always take the view that it is better to be upfront and temper peoples unrealistic expectations. I find that most of the time I can explain it in a way that gives them the confidence that I know what I'm talking about and for those that don't I don't really want to work with them. It is useful to relate the Internet to a city, people don't expect to open a shop and within a few days appear on the most prestigious retail street rubbing shoulders with well established brands and outlets, in that respect it is a myth that the Internet is a level playing field.

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06/15/2007 12:43 am

I agree with MartinC. I thinks sometimes this attitude comes from how a lot of SEO firm market themselves. The customer are getting a little smarter. If you claim it then gurrantee it. I cannot count the number of times I see on the internet guarrantee this and that ranking. Basically anything to get the job. Some client actually believe this advertising line and expect all SEO professionals to claim something of the same or give them their money back.


06/15/2007 01:31 am

Absolutely. Larry and MartinC have hit the nail on the head. I tell my clients up front what they can expect, I explain the nature of the search engines, explain the different SEO techniques and explain how and why they affect a websites rankings. Once a client understands why we aim to constantly improve their rankings and increase traffic and conversions over time rather than garuntee a specific spot they are happy to proceed with our services. No point promising on something you can't deliver!

Carmel Lisciotto

06/15/2007 01:46 am

Yes it should! Carmelo Lisciotto


06/15/2007 06:26 am

I definitely agree with what's said. Never ever pose that "number one spot in Google" guarantee when you do SEO. Better yet, show them the scalable difference that you can make for the website's key search terms in terms of rankings and traffic.


06/15/2007 03:19 pm

Generally these guarantees come with no time frame attached. "I GUARANTEE number one positions in google for all your target keywords*" *before the world ends


06/15/2007 07:27 pm

I tell prospects that the SEO Guarantee is typically used by unscrupulous SEO companies who will say anything to get the business. I have yet to see a genuine one which is worth the paper its written on. I tell them if they are looking for a guarantee they are talking to the wrong company and refer to the google guidelines on the subject. I tell them if they want to see an excellent track record of ahcieving results for clients I can provide it but if all they are after is guarantee they need to call somebody else. I had a call this week from a site owner who had been totally scammed by a company guaranteeing results. The first thing he asked me for was a guarantee. They dont learn.


08/31/2007 01:37 pm

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06/20/2008 02:50 pm

I disagree to a point, I have just recently noticed many website that have had SEO done, and are still using google adwords and getting #1 position, so they are paying well for their campaign, I'm considering offering a moneyback gaurantee, if a selected and agreed number of keywords and phrases don't appear and stay in on page 1 for at least 2 months. Almost anyone can get #1 position for a day or 2, but keeping it there is a different kettle of fish. Maybe the idea guarantee would be on a per word/phrase bases. And it goes without saying that if I don't believe I can get a page 1 ranking, then I just don't accept the job or word/phrase....

Rob Abdul

06/22/2008 01:17 am

If a Client asks for a guarantee for SERPs, I reply with a question myself: “How deep are your pockets?” and that it is going to cost you. I guarantee Number 1 position on Google and Overture, but only with a PPC. This guarantee, I explain is a rolling guarantee, someone, could out-bid on a particular key phrase and take the pole position.

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