Can You Use Google Analytics on an Adult Site?

May 28, 2007 • 7:16 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Google Topics

A DigitalPoint Forums thread asks if Google will allow you to track your adult site using Google Analytics, Google's web analytics software.

Everyone says, they believe so. While the Google Analytics terms of service does not specifically reject sites by theme, including not rejecting adult sites - they do say that the service is free for those with AdWords accounts.

In section two;

The Service is provided without charge to You for up to 5 million pageviews per month per account, and if You have an active Adwords campaign in good standing, the Service is provided without charge to You without a pageview limitation.

So if your adult theme site gets over 5 million pageviews, then technically, you would need an AdWords account in good standing. Since Google AdWords has a content policy that disallows "Sexual Content (Adult)" then those adult sites would technically not be accepted to use Google Analytics for free.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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Randy Charles Morin

05/28/2007 07:15 pm

Several of the high end porn sites have Analytics running. Further, you can run AdWords on another site and Analytics on the porn site when you pageviews exceed 5M.

No Name

05/29/2007 04:43 pm

To clarify the Google Adwords Content policy, Sexual and adult themed content is permitted. Sexual content which involves children, any other non-consensual sexual material including ads promoting teen pornography or other pornography that describes models who might be underage is not permitted. see AdWords policy below: Sexual Content - (Adult)Advertising is not permitted for the promotion of child pornography, any sexually suggestive content involving children, or other non-consensual material. Prohibited content also includes ads promoting teen pornography or other pornography that describes models who might be underage. -------------- Click Forensics classifies and monitors ad clicks from all types of search and content network sites including Made For Ads (MFA), parked domains, adult-themed sites, and many categories to ensure advertisers know where their ads are being displayed and clicked.

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