How Popular is Your Domain?

May 11, 2007 • 10:14 am | comments (8) by twitter | Filed Under SEO - Search Engine Optimization

At Cre8asite Forums, moderator Barry Welford shares a pretty cool domain popularity tool with us. I wasn't able to get it to produce data yesterday, but today I tried again and it worked rather nicely. I have included a screenshot below:

Domain Popularity Tool:

Be patient when running this tool. It processes data for awhile (and you'll see the Loading screen when it does). If you come up emptyhanded as I did when I first ran the tool, try again later.

This is a pretty good backlink checking tool for sure, as member earlpearl says:

I love tools like this. bls are so important and its tough to really get a handle on the bls and what you really have.

I'd love to see a tool that differentiates between static and dynamic urls.

Scraping for bls takes a lot of time. This one was relatively quick.

Forum discussion at Cre8asite Forums.

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Randy Charles Morin

05/11/2007 05:32 pm

I just tried it again myself and it still doesn't work for me.

No Name

05/12/2007 08:28 am

Very cool tool. It's results however, do not match what Google sitemaps or yahoo site explorer found

David Saunders

05/12/2007 08:54 pm

Very clever tool...


05/13/2007 02:29 am also seems to be pretty interesting, but fast.


05/14/2007 08:35 am

OH,The tool is just I wanted .I don't konw how to reply to you. Yahahaha...

Michael Martinez

05/14/2007 10:55 pm

And yet another pointless waste of an SEO tool takes up some bandwidth....

Sergey Agapov

01/19/2008 10:10 pm

I've been using his tools for awhile now and it seems that they are becoming unreliable. But they were in fact very good at some point.


12/29/2012 08:47 am

Five years later his tools are *still* unreliable.

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