Selling DB/CMS Developers the SEO Kool Aid

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One of the common issues faced when designed a database-driven content management system is how to structure URLs in a friendly manner. Unfortunately, this is often the time when "Jack SEO" the search engine optimization expert clashes with "Joe Sitback," the site designer. It is sometimes in these stages of a project when various parts of the team forget that everyone is involved in the same internet marketing effort. Coming to an agreement, however, doesn't mean that either side has to settle for less than they want. If the time is spent to properly plan every aspect of the design, both Jack and Joe can move on feeling happy.

A thread stared this week at Search Engine Watch introduces a specific example of questions that arise when the first URL and directory structure is put forth by a database designer. Unfortunately this is most often the way it happens, instead of the designer and the SEO engineer getting together prior to the site or CMS being developed. The question the poster asks is valid and important, dealing with how to remove additional parameters from a DB-driven URL.

Immediately, "ExposureTim" provides a very insightful answer to the poster's scenarios, when he states:

Any of what you mention is possible. It all just depends on getting the programmers interested enough to use well-planned (less lazy) methods. Best approach is to convince them of the value of what you're asking, buy them a beer, then ask again. They probably already know it can be done but prefer the easier and more-flexible/forgiving method.
(Please, developers, don't think that I feel that all those who would balk at extra work are lazy, but this is a common stereotype that you very talented hard workers sometimes have to deal with. Hey SEOs take a lot of heat too.)

Join the thread at Search Engine Watch's SEO Forum and help this person define what he should approach his developers with.

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04/04/2007 01:36 pm

We run into these sorts of problems time and time again with external webdev teams. It's a really pity many don't want to co-operate and make a truly great site - most just don't want the extra workload and/or these 'cowboys' entering their 'turf'.

Tim Dineen

04/05/2007 02:07 pm

Hi Chris, Thanks for the quote. I also don't believe most programmers are lazy, but often have engineered a product with given requirements and justifiably aren't keen to alter architecture when nearing project completion. As a longtime web marketer AND programmer I've dealt with this from both sides. It really comes down to value. If programmers understand what a difference it'll make to the success of their project and for their employer/client then anything becomes possible.

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