Google Maps April Fools Joke: The Untold Google Story

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I spotted via a Google Groups forum thread posted by Pamela, a Google Maps engineer, that Google Maps had their own April Fools joke. I did not see this posted anywhere else, so I figured I make its own thread.

Pamela said she "put together a quick mashup to let you position a "trick" over someone's home." It is pretty cool, check out this link to create your own. Here are three samples over New York's Manhattan.

A Sinkhole over zipcode 10025: google-maps-sinkhole

An earthquake over most of NYC: google-maps-earthquake

My favorite is the alien bug over Manhattan: google-maps-alien-bug

Why is it my favorite? Because this actually did happen on September 28, 2006. A bug got caught in the satellite lens and it appeared to spot an alien bug on Google Maps. Too funny Pamela!

Forum discussion at Google Groups.

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04/03/2007 07:01 pm

Look Funny Google Map pictures :)

George Byron

04/04/2007 07:27 am

Pardon, but have you ever heard of (really existing) space bugs? I doubt so. "A bug got caught in the satellite lens" doesn't make any sense and is rather funny. The bug got caught in a scanner (on earth), not in a satellite lens (in space). Furthermore: try photographing with a zoom lens and put a bug onto the lens. You will not be able to see more of the bug than a blurred dot.

Ralph Nudi

04/20/2007 02:02 am

Those are great. I am going to look at areas over Kenosha, WI

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