Google Tests Automatic But Personalized AdWords Optimization Tips

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Kevin Gibbons spotted a new feature in his UK based Google AdWords account. On his campaign screen, he noticed a message from Google with "Campaign Optimisation" reports. They look very similar to Google AdSense Message Inbox & Personalized AdSense Optimization Tips that we reported a while back, but for AdWords.

What is nice about these AdWords reports, is that they allow you to accept their suggestions to be implemented right away.

You can accept or decline the changes at the Ad Group level. If you'd only like to apply some of the changes, accept the entire Ad Group, then go back and edit your keywords on your own.

Kevin has screen captures of this in action.

More details at: - - -

I figured this would come when I spotted the AdSense tips, so this is nice to see. The question is, how good is the advice and suggestions?

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Natasha Robinson

03/23/2007 01:31 pm

1. From my understanding, Google offers Campaign Optimization however the client must request which campaign they would like optimized. THEN the client is given the chance to review their suggestions and accept and/or decline as in then screenshots above. Kevin should ask his clients if they had be contacted by Google. 2. Re: "The question is, how good is the advice and suggestions?" Funny you should ask this today. I was speaking with one of our Google Adwords reps about results of past optimizations they had completed for us and I had remarked that although they do a great job of building out the campaign, Optimizations from Google are not as "Set it and Forget it" type of thing. You still have to test, monitor and tweak results as you would have to do with any campaign in order to ensure the best possible results. I think the Google Optimization team is great as they are really great with refining your existing ad groupings and building out keyword lists. But I think advertisers would be mistaken if they assume that the Campaign Optimization means "will produce best possible results" without additional camapaign management.

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