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It appears as if the Google Personalized Home Page now allows you to add "themes." If you visit that page, on the top right you may notice a link named "Select theme."


If you click on the "select theme" link, up comes a box of several themes you can choose. The list includes; Classic, Beach, Bus Stop, City Scape, Sweet Dreams, Tea House and Seasonal Scape.


I selected Bus Stop, which looks like this:


Google then asks you to enter in your zip code so that the theme you selected with dynamically change based on your currently weather. I suspect that if its snowing, there may be snow around the theme, and so on.

The box says:

Enter Location:
This theme will dynamically change to match your local weather conditions.

Please enter a location (your city and state or zipcode) to update this theme correctly.

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03/22/2007 02:45 pm

I saw it the other day to, selected a theme and then the next day both the theme and the option to select was gone ... what gives?


03/26/2007 06:43 am

HA Ha! I saw that too, I liked the Bus Stop as well, I had to laugh!


04/10/2007 01:53 pm

my home computer doesn't have select a theme why ????


04/12/2007 08:53 pm

I put in my zip code but it's showing night when it's day and vice versa... How can this be corrected?


04/17/2007 01:33 pm

I entered the wrong zip code and now I cant' change it...?


04/18/2007 09:03 am

The reason you somthimes can and somthimes can't see the 'select theme' button is that it is only available if you use the url, and not a localised one such as To make sure you can allways see it, ser your prefered page to .com. I'm sure google will sort this out soon.

James Galway

04/27/2007 01:19 pm

Im not a nerd by any means but loved this when I saw it.. hadnt noticed the themes before now... Maybe because I was using


04/30/2007 06:11 pm

I selected a theme and it was not what I wanted hit save on accident and now I cant change it.I have the icon but can do nothing with it??????


08/01/2007 07:23 pm

wouldn't it be great if we could put our own picturesm


09/20/2007 03:21 am

i had the bus stop theme on my home page, then firefox did an update and now it is gone and the select a theme is not an option. how do i get it back?

Jim Askey

01/31/2008 12:15 am

How come I can't change my select theme on my google page? And the current theme of the Racoon's raking leaves has a large message or something running right through the middle obscuring most of the theme. I have went through all the necessary rig a morole to sign up for google, but I can not even change or see the theme properly. Thank You

Jim Askey

01/31/2008 12:27 am

How can I change select a theme, and get it clear without other google stuff blocking it? I tried to write you earlier but was told it failed cause I have written you too much lately SAY WHAT THIS IS ONLY THE SECOND TIME I HAVE WRITTEN YOU IN MY LIFE>


11/14/2008 12:43 am

I chose Louie for my theme. He's an adorable baby lab. Now all I have is the classic google theme and even though I add Louie, the system acknowledges it's added but nothing happens.


02/23/2010 01:20 pm

what site do i go on to get more themes for my google page

allie hunt

03/21/2010 07:31 pm

I cant change my google homepage to twilight new moon!!! How come?!!!!


04/23/2012 06:25 am

Me too me? But how shall I? Many of us are on you and you.

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