How Do You Submit Pages to's Search Index?

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A Search Engine Watch Forums thread asks how does one get their site indexed by

Typically, a search engine likes to pick up new URLs and pages via a normal web crawl. You can see at's Webmasters page (a page that has grown to add more information over time) that's crawlers go around the web from link to link, looking for new and important content.

Ask utilizes Web crawlers to collect raw data and gather information that is used in building our ever-expanding search index. Crawling ensures that the information in our results is as up-to-date and relevant as it can possibly be. Our crawlers are well designed and professionally operated, providing an invaluable service that is in accordance with search industry standards.

But in the past, you were able to do paid inclusion, that is no longer available. But as says, they do want to find new pages during the normal crawl process.

As a result of some recent enhancements to Ask, we're confident that we're indexing even more Web pages than ever, and that your site should appear in our Search index as a result of our ongoing "crawling" of the Web for new and updated sites and content.

Also in the past you were able to submit your pages to or to get included. An old 2003 thread from WebmasterWorld claimed that it worked in the past. Does it still work? I hope to find out and update this thread, but I highly doubt it.

Currently, the best way to get included is via nice topical and popular links. Then just be very very patient.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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07/19/2007 01:45 pm

I also thought Ask was free but they now charge 39.99 for inclusion.

Barry Schwartz

07/19/2007 01:55 pm

Pierre, where do you see that?


08/08/2007 03:24 am

my site also didn't indexed by ask, I hope my site can appear on ask's SERP, It seems to do a lot of work :)


10/12/2007 12:42 pm

I looked for my site and found an OLD site from 8 years ago but not the one that has been operational for about 5 years now. Weird. Google has me at the top but nothing on Ask. Very disappointing.


11/13/2007 11:26 am

I think Ask does utilise the DMOZ database?

Daniel Chege

12/26/2007 08:49 pm should provode a way there you can submit your business website URL link on their web page. It does not even show if you have to pay them for your website inclusion. In regards to search engine simplicity, google is much better but I would also want to be on the same standards. Best Regards.


02/08/2008 04:21 pm

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akemi timi

03/26/2008 06:00 pm

Hi, I think that Ask should provide a Website URL Link for summiting website because that is what most of the engine are using and it is very easy way for some to add his site o any engine


07/05/2008 05:04 am should let other business site to link with them either free or PPC but they must let the submitter know in which way and if submitter have to pay how much it costs.


07/12/2008 08:38 pm

still trying to get my site listed...... taking forever


11/14/2008 12:15 pm

Hi Admin Thanx for your ever useful search engine. Plz. index my site too.


11/17/2008 07:18 am

it's a shame that can't see a #1 web page ranked website at all you should check the spiders or update them. hai pa fratilor


01/08/2009 07:42 pm

It is a timely process to get submitted on this search engine, but worth it nonethless.

john cooper

02/08/2009 03:55 am

I built this site for informational purposes. I hope it qualifies to be indexed.

Drew Fox

02/22/2009 07:32 pm

Where is this paid inclusion that you guys speak of? Please let us know? Thanks

Terry fitzgerald

04/06/2009 06:00 am

Any idea when they will include site submission

No Name

04/23/2009 03:38 pm

I am glad I found this post. I was searching everywhere for how to do this but this one post actually tells me I cannot. I will go back and post on some of the other sites that state you can (probably old ones).


05/11/2009 04:25 pm

That explains a lot. Thanks for the clarification.

Stephen Tyler

05/24/2009 12:41 pm

I have been watching for quite some time to see if my site is showing up in this search engine, with no results. Glad I found this post.


08/03/2009 03:46 pm

hopefully you will put mine on as well, soon.


08/29/2009 09:24 am

Well that sort of sucks. What if your site isn't like all the rest?

James Mason

09/11/2009 04:57 pm

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09/22/2009 12:27 pm

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01/15/2010 01:29 am

Hi Guys Useful to see what Rahul wrote. To be honest Google and yahoo cover 95% of searches so why waste the time trying to please Optimize your page for Google first then think about the others. If you optimize well for google and yahoo you will no longer think about ask. It's simple, look at your friends and families browser 95% google. If ask don't work in the same way as Google all visitors will remove ask from the browser. I have used an ask browser typed in Google and searched from there engine, why ? because ask don't answer to the valuable answers Google does. Put your attention on mother Google chaps....


01/15/2010 05:52 pm

I just wonder when ask would index site. I have updated information than many other that it is showing on top pages.


12/21/2010 03:09 pm

It usually takes up to 6 months (depends of your content updating intensity)


12/27/2010 01:54 pm

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Dawn Abraham

06/30/2011 04:41 am

What I don't understand is it says that Ask doesn't have any of my pages for one of my sites so I decided to check and they seem to have quite a few. At least it looked that way. I guess they don't have everyone's information up to date.


09/20/2011 02:06 am

So it sounds like there is no way to manually add your business?


03/25/2012 10:24 pm

With no way to manually add a url to ASK's index, it just makes even more irrelevant


05/03/2012 10:51 pm

I am new to all of this SEO stuff, and it is driving me crazy.  I know that I have inbound links to my site, yet many of the SEO sofware tools say that I don't! apparently doesn't think that I exist either.

johnny cakes

07/17/2013 12:31 am

i would think a direct link to until your are included might help!!!

rumah jogja

09/11/2013 08:39 am

I've try submit in all search engine

julie harper

03/19/2014 01:14 pm

Hi why is the site indexed by and but not Please help with any tips x

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