The Power Of Digg In Link Building

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A Cre8asite Forums thread asks "But Is The Traffic Any Good?" Meaning, is Digg or social media traffic, quality traffic?

Administrator, projectphp, explains that it is a huge benefit for a site selling ads based on a CPM basis. I agree, advertisers love more impressions, but they also love clicks. Are Digg users more likely to click on your ads? I don't have data on that on hand. But the impressions are nice.

There are a ton of ideas brought up in the thread as to why a social media campaign benefits you. With me, social media campaigns, such as a Digg home page listing, helps tremendously with link building.

I have a case study for you. I won't say the client's name, but I was showing them Digg the other day. I told them that if they had any geek or tech related posts, they should submit it to Digg. The other day they posted a geek related topic and I decided to show them the power of Digg.

I submitted the article to Digg and asked a few buddies to help seed it early. Then later in the day, the article made it to the Digg home page, and it stuck. By the time I turned around, it had around 1,700 Diggs!

Let me give you some quick stats:

Digg: ~1,700 Digg Referrals: 50,000~ in two day Saves: 34 referrals: 31

StumbleUpon Referrals: ~300

Netscape Votes: ~25 Netscape Referrals: ~125

Reddit Referrals: ~75

Then there are tons of referrals from random sites and other social media sites.

To me this is all find and dandy. But did those referrals lead to anything except wasted bandwidth?

Yea, a lot of links!

According to Google Blog Search's link command, their blog received over 60 new links within 2 days. On average, they may get a few links per day. Now, I am sure they got way more than 60 links, so I made sure to take a snapshot of their linkage data in both Yahoo! and Google before and will check again in about a month.

Overall, I think the power of Digg and Social Media sites is all about link building. Of course the initial burst in traffic and impressions are nice. But honestly, most Digg users are not in any "buy mode."

Let me clear about one thing. The article was written solely for the blog reader. Only after the fact, did I look at the article my client wrote and say, hey - Digg users would love this. Only then did I submit that article to Digg. I am sure most of you can figure out which article it was, so enjoy.

Forum discussion at Cre8asite Forums.

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Chris Beasley

03/01/2007 05:40 pm

I had a site make it to the frontpage of both Digg & 2 weeks ago, I posted all the traffic it delivered here:

David Eaves

03/02/2007 12:21 am

I need to get the hang of this digg business, at the moment I am a big time Digg loser, my record is about 14 from a thread I posted at SEO 1, I need to try and figure out a way I can use it for my clients, I am going to try and do it for one of my clients an immigration site which I am thinking can be a quite contreversial subject, he has a news category on the site and I am going to get him to post a really contreversial article about asylum seekers, do any of you think this sort of stuff might kick it with the Digg crowd?

Barry Schwartz

03/02/2007 12:57 am

Thanks for sharing Chris, good stuff! David, I am not sure. Sorry.


03/05/2007 04:27 pm

Barry, Great post!!! Thanks! ;-)

No Name

03/11/2008 11:38 am

Well david give it a go and see what happens, great post chris.

No Name

03/11/2008 11:41 am

I never realised just how powerfull Digg could be.


03/23/2008 03:21 pm

Yeah I am real new to dig, trying to figure it all out, build a group of friends etc. From what I see it has amazing potential, but unfortunately I rarely post on "geek" topics, so not too sure if I will ever make the front page? Oh well any traffic is good traffic right, great post I DIGG it

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