Google Maps Stickers Are For UK Businesses Only

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Google Maps StickerGreg Sterling reported at Search Engine Land a couple weeks ago about a Google Maps Sticker Spotted In London. Loren Baker also referenced this noting that no sightings of this sticker have been found in the US.

I finally found a thread with official confirmation from Google on this.

A Google Groups thread has Maps Guide Jen saying:

The stickers are part of a marketing campaign that Google did in the UK. There currently aren't any available for Google Maps in the US. I'll contact you individually with more information!

So I wonder if you comment in the thread, and if your in the US, can you get yourself a sticker. I will try.

Forum discussion at Google Groups.

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Han Kleppe

02/26/2007 07:12 pm

It's a fantastic gadget. Was lookin' for it to place it above my bed ;) Let you know if I found a source to order this stickers..


02/26/2007 11:05 pm

I've seen these for months now (strangely mostly in Indian Restaurants). Didn't know that they were exclusive to the UK, so didn't report it :(

David Eaves

02/26/2007 11:48 pm

They haven't sent me one :(

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