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Feb 26, 2007 • 7:36 am | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Blog Administration

I just wanted to give everyone an update that the site design for the blog is complete, as far as I know. We launched version three Tuesday night and then received some incredibly feedback.

Based on that feedback we made the following changes:

  • Fixed issues in IE6 with formatting
  • Bolded title fonts
  • Tried to synchronize the two font styles on the site, keeping the middle fonts all neutral
  • Added minimum width of 900px and maximum 1500 pixels
  • Added image code verification on contact us forms
  • Lightened up sponsored links
  • Some minor style changes
  • And some minor functionality changes

If I missed anything, please comment below or email us at contact us form.

We also maxed out our advertiser, in fact, we have a waiting list. I still have a banner to upload. So that is good news.

The forums should be migrated to the new design this week.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Roundtable Forums.

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Andrew Girdwood

02/26/2007 01:43 pm

Hiya, just to chime in with everyone else and say how much I like the new look. You've got that balance between "corporate" and "stylish" right (who said "corporate style" was an oxymoron?). It's good to see thought leaders like Search Engine Roundtable include Google's Custom Search as part of the core design and not an awkward add-on.

Barry Schwartz

02/26/2007 01:59 pm

Thank you Andrew, that means a lot.

No Name

02/26/2007 04:43 pm

I think your new design is just great. Very professional. After the tweaks, even better.

Michael Martinez

02/26/2007 04:47 pm

I like the look but the way my personal information bleeds out of the form as I type in comments is a bit disconcerting. Hope you can fix that so that the form field boundaries are treated as actual boundaries by all browsers.

Barry Schwartz

02/26/2007 05:22 pm

Ill look into that Michael.

Amit Verma

02/28/2007 06:19 am

Sorry, but i m not impressed by new design. Old one was good enough from it.

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