Proof Google Treating Wikipedia Very Well

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LeeAnn Prescott from Hitwise posted Google Traffic To Wikipedia up 166% Year over Year. She has hard stats that prove what SEOs and Webmasters have been claiming for the past year plus.

She wrote:

The percentage of Google's downstream traffic going to Wikipedia increased by 166% year over year (week ending 2/10/07 vs. week ending 2/11/06). Last week Wikipedia was the #3 website in Google's downstream, after Google Image Search and MySpace.

That is some serious traffic. Is Wikipedia worthy of it?

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SearcH EngineS WeB

02/19/2007 01:06 pm There are probably two reasons for this - it appears that Wikipedia is getting better with more contributors and more aggressive spam filtering.......however, Google's new tougher Link Popularity standards favor sites like Wikipedia Wikipedia as of one month ago - got to be #1 for the terms Search Engine Optimization and for the term SEO replacing sites that had held that spot for YEARS <i>(also...congrats to Seroundtable and SEO Moz)</i> :-D Apparently, Google is using Expert Rank type Algos - where subject related link pages count more than generic (those are the type that would add wikipedia links without getting a link back) Also reference or informational sites are also given a extra thumbs up -again, the types of sites that would add Wikipedia and other reference sites. <b>Which is not only good news for Wikipedia - but also good news for SEroundtable and SEO moz (see the chart)</b> it also appears that Google is giving a bonus to sites getting constant new links and perhaps (like MSN is doing) analyzing the backlinks for quality 'relevance' and 'sincerity' Would anyone take a guess at the Google algos ONE YEAR FROM NOW?????? It will probably be even more complex in their analyses of relevant Backlinks

Daniel Brandt

02/19/2007 02:08 pm


02/19/2007 02:29 pm

I personally think that Wikipedia needs to be taken out of the Google index. The place can not be trusted.

Michael Martinez

02/19/2007 03:43 pm

Wikipedia is not the only unreliable source of information that people link to. It's not likely to vanish from the Google index any time soon, but these numbers don't show anything unusual for a large content site.

Chris Beasley

02/19/2007 03:45 pm

Wikipedia ranks well because people link to it. If you publish good high quality information it isn't impossible to beat wikipedia.

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