Yahoo! Site Explorer Wants You To Show Off Your Links With Badges

Jan 30, 2007 • 7:03 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Yahoo Search Engine Optimization

Yahoo! Site Explorer, Yahoo!'s Webmaster tool that details your index count and link count for your pages and site, has released badges. These Yahoo! Site Explorer Badges can be placed on your site to promote how many links you have to a page or to the site overall.

Here is what it looks like in real time:

Links to Site

I find it weird that Yahoo! is offering this badge. Just doesn't jive with what a search company should want SEOs or webmasters to promote. But I can be wrong - something just doesn't sit well with me on this.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Roundtable Forums - thanks Kevin.

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01/30/2007 12:20 pm

Would make sense if Yahoo! is tracking which users place this on the site. What they would gain from this is anyones guess!


01/30/2007 05:04 pm

They gain increased knowledge in crawling and get a good feel on visitors to a website. We added it today to see what happens in the serps...


01/30/2007 10:39 pm

I think i like the idea, it gives a clear indication to users the importance of the site.

Simon Heseltine

01/31/2007 01:00 pm

Curiously though the number that they show on the badge, and the number that shows when you click on the badge to do the actual search don't match... I'm seeing about a 7.5% difference, with the badge being the one over-reporting.

Barry Schwartz

01/31/2007 01:39 pm

For me, it is a couple hundred off. Not as large as 7.5%

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