Yahoo! To Offer One Time Free Bulk Keyword Upload To Customers


Several threads have been reporting issues with bulk uploading keywords to Yahoo!'s new Search Marketing product (Panama). Because of that, I believe, Yahoo! is offering a one time courtesy upload of your keywords, hand done by Yahoo! for your account.

A WebmasterWorld thread has this message from an official Yahoo! representative, YahooSarah, said:

The bulk upload functionality is usually extended only to gold-tiered (or higher) accounts. However, we offer a one time courtesy of submitting your keywords to us. Simply send a copy of the .csv export of your keywords from your campaigns with other ad networks to our support center, which we will convert and upload the data into the account; or, send a copy of the file that you have converted, and we will upload that data into the account for you.

I am not sure if Yahoo! wanted me to publicize it, but if it is in the forums, it is fair game.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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01/23/2007 05:30 pm

If only they said that before I spent 8 hours developing my template to launch 45k keywords and continuously tweak to get it to not fail... What's up with the stats delays in Panama - I'm relying on my web logs to tell me how many clicks I'm getting and putting a rough estimate on CPC?


01/23/2007 07:31 pm

I just did a bulk upload this morning and I didn't realize there were any real problems with it. I DO wish that the instructions were clearer (i.e. tell them to me before, not after my upload) but once they told me the instructions saving my Excel sheet into a new format wasn't so challenging. I recommend downloading the sample .CSV file, use that for your template. Then when you are ready to upload, save is in Unicode Text format with the extension of .csv Those last two format-related steps aren't explained until to attempt to upload a file in the wrong format.

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