Pausing Google AdWords Campaigns Should Have No Direct Negative Consequence

Jan 18, 2007 • 7:59 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

A WebmasterWorld thread asks, "Are There Negative Consequences to Pausing a Campaign or Adgroup?"

There is a lot of speculation in the thread, but I believe the bottom line is that there is no direct consequence for pausing a campaign or adgroup in Google AdWords.

Deleting a campaign or AdGroup can and will cause issues. Editing a campaign or AdGroup can also cause direct issues. But pausing them should not.

AdWordsAdvisor basically confirms that, but we are waiting on confirmation on that.

What may happen is that your competitors gain better history for their ads (but your history should remain the same). It also may hurt you to not remain active, because this is a dynamic bidding and ranking environment, if things change and your not around to watch these changes, then you can be hurt from the lost experience and time.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

Update: AdWordsAdvisor2 confirms that pausing ads have no affect on your quality score at a WebmasterWorld thread.

Pausing campaigns or Ad Groups has no effect on your Quality Score. Feel free to pause or use Ad Scheduling as necessary.

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peter AMADOR

02/19/2009 09:20 pm

I just watched a video on this very subject and the SEO in the video swears by it, that it does have a direct impact on your ad campaign. I am still searching to try to receive more information and came across your site. Still searching...Thanks.

gica pedala

04/08/2013 07:40 am

I can assure you it does affect your cpc and impressions. I paused my content campaign for 6 hours, then stopped a banner campaign and then just got dropped from being in the first 3 positions to 4-5 all the time. QS is between 7-10 so again, it does affect you.

Ian Bevis

01/24/2014 03:41 pm

We have seen clients Adwords campaign positioning and CPC change that have been paused and then restarted days later. we have tested the this and it seems that the quality / history is effected by this and thus has a negative effect on the campaign.

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