Yahoo! To Lower Minimum Bids in UK to 5P (£0.05)


A WebmasterWorld thread reports UK Yahoo! Search Marketing advertisers receiving notification that the minimum bids accepted will be lowered to 5P (£0.05). Not all keywords will receive the lower bid of 5P, some will remain at 10P (£0.10). Which ones exactly, I am not sure.

I believe this also applies to Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

The new bid prices go into affect January 19, 2007.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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01/17/2007 01:40 pm

5p is still to high :( Why not 1p .. or 2p like google?


01/17/2007 01:45 pm

As posted in your own forums back in Nov.


01/17/2007 01:55 pm

In the Netherlands it will be lowered to 5 eurocents, starting on this Friday.

Barry Schwartz

01/17/2007 01:58 pm

Yes, we reported this back then also Now it is official.

Matthias Weth

01/17/2007 02:46 pm

Hi, same will happen in Germany on Saturday - 5 Euro Cent. Not all keywords will receive the lower bid of 5 Cent, some will remain at 10 Cent.

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