Organic Search Versus Sponsored Results: The Forum Round

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There has been much talk recently in the search engine marketing industry about the relative value of Organic (free) search engine positions versus Sponsored (paid) results, especially in the terms of the cost associated to manage the efforts. This topic has been covered extensively, in case you somehow missed it, but the most recent thorough coverage can be found with all parties involved in the comments at Search Engine Land and Greg Boser's less word-mincing WebGuerilla Blog. (Nice "clueless" subdomain, Greg ;)) Barry originally covered this topic at SER.

One thing that has been common but a little more in the background on this subject is the direct value of Organic versus Paid results when it comes to conversions. A recent thread at WebmasterWorld Forums discusses this slant in more detail, with the thread starter asking:

If I was in the business of selling products, say if I was Amazon dot com, as an example. Would you want to be in #1 in Google PPC position or #1 Organic position? (lets assume the PPC is free for this argument)
Plenty of responses follow, with people debating the value of the listings purely in terms of conversion ability.

This year will likely yield some more thorough research into the effect of having multiple types of listings within search results, but if looking at search holistically it is very likely that the higher number of listings one has for a popular and converting keyword phrase, the better chances of reaching the end goal. One member details:

For some of most competitive keywords we have multiple sites in "free" top 10 and 3 or 4 in PPC... competing against ourselves... So pretty much whatever visitor would click, they'll end up at the "right place". This kind of enterprise is costing a very high price, naturally...

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01/10/2007 07:15 pm

Your comments on Organic Search vs. Sponsored Results are accurate and I compleetly agree with you, but it is my opinion that you have left out a few very important details on the subject. The best source of information that I have have come across lately, on the topic of Organic Searching, is an article that was writen by a guy named Jason Ryan Isaksen and it has proven to be a very helpfull resource to myself and others who are looking for legitimate information on this topic. If it would be ok, I would like to provide your visitors with a copy of this article on your web site, I have a copy of it and I would like to hear some your experiences and your opinions on Jason Ryan Isaksen or on any of his strategies and techniques if any. Has anyone ever dealt with Jason Ryan Isaksen or read any of his several informational articles? Or if there is anyone who might be familiar with his services at all, I would be very happy to hear of your opinion on them. I have read quite a few reviews on Jason Isaksen on many other web sites and this guy seems to me to be extreemly knowledgable in the area of organic search and sponsored results, and when it comes to any sort seo strategies in general he is influencing the way people go about setting up their searches, in a positive way. Any legitimate opinions on Jason Isaksens techniques or any of the articles he has published on organic Searching or sponsored results and seo would be much appreciated. Barbara Q

Chris Boggs

01/10/2007 11:38 pm

Hi Barbara and thank you for your comments. Search Engine Roundtable only covers discussions that occur in forums, so I would suggest joining one or more of the many forums we cite and sharing your questions about Jason on those platforms. Unfortunately, we cannot take the time to cover articles and blogs withint this blog. I hope you can understand, and also hope you chose to continue to read SER. :) CB

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