Google Not Showing Localized Pages Within Country For .COM TLDs

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There appears to be this bug lingering around since August 2006 that I did not fully look into today. A site that is hosted outside of the US, let's say, in the UK or Australia, with .com TLDs, are indexed in but are not in the index for or, respectively.

A WebmasterWorld thread has been reporting sporadic issues of this since August and it has sprung up again around New Years. I travelled over to a recent Google Groups thread to get more evidence and examples.

The site is hosted in the UK (confirmed via traceroute). A site command search on the domain name in brings back the home page result (screen capture. A site command search on the domain name in brings back the home page results (screen shot). But a site command search on the domain name in with pages from the UK only does not return the index page of the site (screen shot).

That seems to be the issue. An other example was emailed to me by Nikhil, who told me to try a search on Telstra at and you will see listed as number one, reportedly a Aussi site. But when you select the pages from Australia option, the main domain does not show up (screen shot).

Forum discussion at Google Groups and at WebmasterWorld.

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Lea de Groot

01/04/2007 02:48 pm

If you look, Telstra is actually appearing at the #3 spot. Its such a horrible site that it probably just isn't as well optimised as its competition and I can well imagine that people would link to bigpond (telstra's ISP arm) or the WP as 'telstra'. Certainly my .com hosted-in-australia is appearing in, 'pages from australia' (You almost made my heart stop!) I also can't duplicate your awkspcrepairs results. It shows for me. Is it possible that 'results from uk' don't work quite the same when used from the US? I have always thought the whole area was poorly explained.

Barry Schwartz

01/04/2007 03:36 pm

Maybe they are fixing it slowly?

Matt Cutts

01/04/2007 05:48 pm

I've been talking to one SEO about this for a while (I won't name him in case he doesn't want that). We were looking at root pages of .com's and why they didn't show up in the "search pages from the UK" search results. We found and fixed something in early December and the two examples I knew of are working correctly now. My hunch would be that it's a matter of waiting for pages to be re-crawled and re-indexed, but I'll ask to make sure.

Barry Schwartz

01/04/2007 05:59 pm

Thanks for the update Matt!

Ken Neil

02/01/2007 11:58 am

You should better check allocated country blocks using a GEO IP or IP to Country database rather than Traceroute and reverse lookups.


02/22/2007 12:02 am

Any update to this?

Barry Schwartz

02/22/2007 12:07 am

Should be fixed


04/24/2007 02:14 pm

Hi, The same problem is occuring for our site on google. Over the last six months visitors from us and canada have decreased drastically. There is marginal increase in visitors from Europe and Asia. In fact, our site comes on top for visual basic in and around 250 or so in While i am ok with this, is this in anyway connected to the fact that we are having fewer visitors from us. Is google categorizing our site more as a site related to .in (local). Scares me. How do we tell google to treat us as a worldwide site ? Even though we rank low...


04/30/2007 07:18 am

Gday - I have a site that has the same issue... If people search for me with google with the 'only pages from au' checked my site doesn't show at all. I'm also paying for AdSense which makes no sense to me right now because of this!! I have now purchased & am thinking of moving the whole store to try to make sure I come up in Au results... Any help / ideas would be appreciated!

Adam Keegan

01/16/2008 08:15 am

We switched our website to and now we appear in Australian searches - couldn't get the .com site listed so started over!


12/18/2008 12:33 am

Same here, we switched to from .com and now it lists well..I still dont know how to get the .com domain listed if you choose pages from australia

Soumyadip Pal

06/06/2014 05:56 pm

Hi Barry Schwartz, Since you have written this post on Jan 4, 2007 my site ( ) is still facing the same problem !! Firstly as Matt Cutts said, However, if you 1) have a .com that is hosted outside the US, 2) searching on (say) for [] returns your root page and all your pages for “Search the web”, 3) if you switch to (say) “pages from the UK”, the root page does not appear but the rest of your pages do, then this paragraph applies to you. I’d wait 4-5 days to let this second change percolate completely into our index, and if you still see the behavior after 4-5 days, please leave a comment with the name of your site. ~~ Yes my root page is not being shown when I did this :( Secondly according to him, A few people were seeing PageRank 0 for their site. ~~ Yes I'm one of them too !! :( PLEASE HELP ME !! :( :(

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