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Two days ago Loren Baker wrote Does Belong in Google Results? He basically summarized two points of view, the first by Allen Stern who says that Digg adds no value to the story and should not be indexed (hence duplicate content). The second point was by William Burn, who argues that Digg's pages do provide value and give pages that may have never been read a chance. Skizzo adds that he doesn't like when commentators copy and paste the original content from the main site in the comments of the Digg post.

OK, having read all that. I also would like to see the original article found first in the Google results. I do believe that the Digg article should be indexed and found. Typically, a Digg title may differ from the original article's title and thus has doubled its chances of coming up in the results. If you are worried about article hi-jacking, then that is a different story - but I would say, just go with the flow.

As an SEM, I can understand why you don't want to be outranked by a commentary to your article. But often, commentary to one's article does provide greater value. Often, but not always - I must add. If the Digg article does add value and that value is greater then the original source, then it should outrank the source article.

Either way, people are reading your thoughts and you got a nice link from Digg. The value of the link from Digg, is discussed here.

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Search Engines Web

01/04/2007 01:20 pm

Mostly the popular Digg Stories get high on the SERPS and those stories ALWAYS have comments, sometimes 100 + comments, and links to rebutals. Many of the comments are intelligent, and those that are not helpful are usually buried by defaut

Barry Schwartz

01/04/2007 01:25 pm

Search Engines WEB, please stop with your name. I have to fix it every time. It is disturbing.

Adrian Lee

01/04/2007 02:00 pm

That's the first time I've heard someone suggest the comments at Digg are intelligent.... I personally don't see that Digg adds anything positive to an article because of the community that lives there. The general crowd that digg stories and post comments are generally an arrogant, yet ignorant mob. The only time I think the comments help, is when the articles rubbish and in the first few comments there are links to why the articles rubbish.


01/09/2007 09:43 am

>The general crowd that digg stories and post comments are generally an arrogant, yet ignorant mob.< Agreed. A Digg page would be an acceptable result in a SERP if Google could determine that the user doing the query is a geeky teenager. Otherwise a Digg page is little more than spam in a SERP. Most Google users would be horrorized after trying a Digg page once and would avoid the site in the future.

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