Top Factors in PPC & AdWords That Determine Your Click Through Rate in Google

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A Search Engine Watch Forums thread has a poll asking members to vote on the most important factor they believe determines your CTR (click through rate) on your ad. The options include:

  • Title
  • Ad Copy
  • Display URL
  • Position
  • Narrowness/broadness of keywords in group
  • Dynamic Keyword Insertion
  • Other (please specify in comments)
Member PPC feels that is an industry by industry variance that comes into play here, but overall, he believes "position and narrowness/broadness or keywords" are the most important factors. SEW Moderator, Discovery, says;

In my view, a narrowly defined set of keywords, used within focused ad groups is what gives you a solid position resulting in a high CTR. Then on top of solid keywords you have a related title and ad copy, both of which should be different from the viewable competition. With this set up and a competitive CPC you should achieve the best CTR.

But overall, the list makes a good checkpoint on what you should look for in your ads.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums.

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06/03/2009 02:33 am

It would have to be search engine rankings, unless your site is on high volume sites, but you need to feature on the serps before being found.

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