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Pretty much every webmaster runs into this once a year. Someone publishes something on the Web and they did not mean to put it up on the Web. Google crawls it and someone finds this information while searching on Google. The content is now easily accessible to the world. So you take down the page, but it is still in the Google cache and you need it removed asap.

Vanessa Fox in a Google Groups thread tells a user that they can expedite the removal of content in Google by using this form.

That form specifically states:

If you've worked with the site's webmaster to have the live content changed, and you need us to expedite the removal of our cached copy, please provide us with the URL(s). We'll follow up with you only if we require more info or we have additional info to share.

I never gave it a try myself, but I would love to hear the response time on that form.

Forum discussion at Google Groups.

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12/29/2006 01:55 pm

The Google Console (which should be integrated into Webmaster central by now) offers a service to remove urls that are indexed but disallowed in robots.txt. Worked in a couple of days for a few hundred pages for me.

Dave White

12/29/2006 03:21 pm

Well i don't think that it is an easy job to inform Google about the changes made to the content of a website.It's quite a lengthy and tiresome process to be followed.i personally think that Google should simplify things for themselves as well as the webamasters.


01/01/2007 06:38 am

Removing a page from Google SERP can take a long time Reason is that Google doesn't change its crawling rooting just because someone has "a special removal request" We experience time difference from a few days to 3 months. You just have to wait for the robot to come back to your site and try to crawl again the same page (which you want to remove) and find out there is no such page. Basically, we found out that Google doesn't change its time schedule to revisit your site and crawl your pages. So: if you have a good site with new content every couple of days or you are just lucky and Google had reached your crawling day - your unwanted pages will be remove swiftly BUT if you have site that Google visit once every 3 months... just pray that it is going to visit all of your pages and remove the unwanted page.

Ryan W

01/01/2007 03:04 pm

It does take a considerable amount of time for your old pages to be removed from the Google index. Google updates its entire index automatically on a regular basis. If Googlebot encounters a "Not Found" 404 error page on your site, it doesn't crawl it further and may delete the outdated link from the next crawl.

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