Google AdSense Competitive Ad Filter Not Working?

Dec 26, 2006 • 7:40 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

A WebmasterWorld thread reports that URLs added to the Competitive Ad Filter in Google AdSense, are not blocking those URLs.

There are five posts at the thread all this morning reporting the same thing.

I can't believe the timing of your post. I just emailed AdSense Support because this is happening to me as well. One of the domains that is now appearing in AdSense ads on my site has been in my competitive ad filter for over 3 years. And there are others as well. I hope that everyone experiencing this will email

More details on the competitive ad filter at this page.

This is not good, if true. I did not test it myself.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Matt Cutts

12/27/2006 02:16 am

I mentioned this to an AdSense person.

John Popowski

01/10/2007 02:36 pm

Same here. They just released the new version of blogger. Bet that has something to do with it.


01/14/2007 05:23 am

I am trying now this ad filter,I will tell you later if this will work ok. Jocuri


08/19/2007 10:46 pm

Not working for me. I have these stupid ads showing on my site still.

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