Help WebmasterWorld Pick A Mission Statement / Tagline

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Brett has posted in the Webmaster Supporters forum asking for help with picking a 3-4 word mission statement for WebmasterWorld. He might be getting jealous of all those trendy brand name taglines that are so cool (Fedex: peace of mind, etc..) Maybe not though. Some companies (eBay, CNN, Amazon) which have acheived common word status can get away without a mission statement. I think WebmasterWorld might qualify for that. Regardless, its never to late to add a clever mission statement for fun.

Brett asks:

So Guy says that you should have a 3-4 word mission statement. He used examples:

Fedex: peace of mind. Wendys: healthy fast food. Nike: genuine athletic performance.

What would webmasterworld's be?

Help WebmasterWorld pick a mission statement in the Supporters Forum (Paid Reg required).

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11/30/2006 06:20 pm

How about "Not the best. Just the first."

Doug Karr

11/30/2006 07:17 pm

ping-bang dubdubdub, wiki-wiki ping-bang (to music of course!)


11/30/2006 09:15 pm

"Cloaking for fun and profit"

Chris Beasley

11/30/2006 11:51 pm

On Webmaster World, no one knows you're a dog. Or... The Sky is Falling or Webmaster World, more anonymous than an AA meeting. Nick's suggestion is good too.

Li Evans

12/01/2006 03:17 am

how about "Rounding Up The Forum News" or "Rounding Up The Search Forum News" or just "Rounding Up The Search News" :)

Li Evans

12/01/2006 04:21 am

oooooooooh doh.... please don't mind my total lack of brains tonight and ignore my previous post - I thought it was for here, yeesh... I need a vacation! :(

Ben Pfeiffer

12/01/2006 06:12 pm

Too funny Li. Hope you get to a vacation soon. We are not picking a tagline here, Barry and I already came up with that one while back.

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