Confusion with Microsoft as Search Engines Unite with Sitemaps Protocol

Nov 24, 2006 • 7:45 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Bing Search

Last week the search engines, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! united to provide one standard sitemaps protocol for submission to the search engines for page inclusion. But there is confusion as to where one would submit a sitemaps file to Microsoft.

With Google, you submit your sitemaps file at Google Sitemaps. With Yahoo!, you submit your sitemaps file at Site Explorer.

But where do you submit your sitemaps at Microsoft (aka

That is the discussion of confusion at Cre8asite Forums.

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Search Engines WEB

11/24/2006 01:28 pm

:LOL - Forget about Cre8astie, even on the official MSN live blog the question was asked TWICE by repliers during last week's announcement thread - Still no reply!!!!

Jaimie Sirovich

11/24/2006 02:07 pm

Microsoft said it's not implemented yet. Why is everyone looking? They said something like "we're dogfooding it internally before we release it."

martin - webseo

11/24/2006 03:22 pm

Here's the quote from Live Search's blog (emphasis is mine): <blockquote>We are 100% behind this protocol - this kind of collaboration will help improve the search experience for all of our customers, and <strong>we are working hard to release full support in 2007.</strong> We are starting to alpha test with internal partners such as MSDN and Microsoft Support now. Like all teams at Microsoft, we like to dogfood our work internally to ensure that it is working properly before it is publicly released. Watch this space for an update as soon as we’re done. (third paragraph)</blockquote> martin

Chris Boggs

11/24/2006 11:53 pm

thanks jamie and martin for the scoop... MSN's comment is always a nice way to say "hey we are trying to figure this out." :p

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