Yahoo! Publisher Network Adds "Compliance Manager"

Nov 20, 2006 • 8:25 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Yahoo Publisher Network

One of the biggest complaints you read about in the Google AdSense and Yahoo! Publisher Network forums in various search forums are from people who have been banned. You see it all the time. A person comes in, says, I hate Google or I hate Yahoo! and rant about how they have been banned for no reason at all. Well, you can blame Google and Yahoo! for not providing sufficient evidence as to why they have been banned. But now you can't blame Yahoo! anymore. They have listened and added a new feature named "compliance manager."

The YPN Blog explains;

Here’s how it works: If a compliance issue is detected on one of your URLs, you will be notified via email and through an alert in your secure account interface. These will direct you to your new Compliance Manager control panel. The Compliance Manager will inform you of what the issue is so that you have the opportunity to fix it. Once you’ve addressed the issue, you can then go back to the Compliance Manager to submit the remedied URL. We’ll get back to you with a status report, usually within seven business days.

I think this rocks and Google should follow Yahoo!'s lead on this. Huge kudos to Yahoo! for adding this feature. We love transparency! The YPN Blog has screen captures, you won't see this report until you have a compliance issue - which will hopefully be never.

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Keri Morgret

11/20/2006 09:29 pm

At one point, it appears that Google was also emailing webmasters that had received a spam penalty. Matt Cutts blogged about it a year ago but I have no idea if that is still in place.

Barry Schwartz

11/20/2006 09:39 pm

They never sent out warnings for AdSense. Matt was talking about organic search - not contextual ads.

Keri Morgret

11/20/2006 09:59 pm

You're right, I had misread the original post in my Dayquil-induced haze. Matt's post makes me wonder even more why Google doesn't do this for AdSense, as they have done it for other areas in the past.


11/24/2006 08:09 am

Google would have to do this for AdSense properly. They need to think about it.

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