Yahoo!'s Publisher Spotlight Site Switched Back to Google AdSense

Nov 2, 2006 • 7:34 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Yahoo News

Back in late April, the Yahoo! Publisher Network blog featured a site named as sporting the YPN ads on their site. is to car crazies is what is to basketball fans–a space where enthusiasts can read about racing, argue over cars, play driving games, examine auto specs, view videos of car crashes (may favorite page, I have to admit) and more, all in a media- and interaction-rich environment.

But now, if you visit you will notice that they have Google AdSense ads live currently. So they must of switched back from Google to Yahoo! and then back from Yahoo! to Google.

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Loren Baker

11/02/2006 01:16 pm

Noticed this for that CentralPark site too.


11/02/2006 05:44 pm

I love the pictures above the Adsense block :D //g


11/12/2006 06:19 pm

I was searching Google to find and read more articles relating to other experiences people are sharing. may have switched back to Google Adsense, finding that it is more effective or pays better. But on that note, my site, Blog The Internet, I have actually switched back to Yahoo Publisher Network. For months, I have been torn between choosing which ad serving company to use for my site. Two weeks ago, with recent increases in traffic, I decided to give Adsense another try. Yesterday, I put YPN code back on my site, and I have made more money within four hours of displaying the code compared to the two weeks of having the Google Adsense code up. I am not sure why this is, but I do know that I will be staying with YPN for awhile... at least until I learn more about Google Adsense and what others are doing to make it successful for them.

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