AdSense Account Terminated? Google May Not Pay You Your Balance

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I always wondered if Google would pay out a balance from an account that has been terminated but has accrued a balance of more than a $100.

I looked up Google's AdSense TOS just now and found a really long couple of sentences which explains it.

In the event the Agreement is terminated, Google shall pay Your earned balance to You within approximately ninety (90) days after the end of the calendar month in which the Agreement is terminated by You (following Google's receipt of Your written request, including by email, to terminate the Agreement) or by Google.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, Google shall not be liable for any payment based on: (a) any amounts which result from invalid queries, invalid Referral Events, or invalid clicks or impressions on Ads generated by any person, bot, automated program or similar device, as reasonably determined by Google, including without limitation through any clicks or impressions (i) originating from Your IP addresses or computers under Your control, (ii) solicited by payment of money, false representation, or request for end users to click on Ads, or (iii) solicited by payment of money, false representation, or any illegal or otherwise invalid request for end users to complete Referral Events; (b) Ads or Referral Buttons delivered to end users whose browsers have JavaScript disabled; (c) Ads benefiting charitable organizations and other placeholder or transparent Ads that Google may deliver; (d) Google advertisements for its own products and/or services (excluding payments based on completed Referral Events); or (e) clicks co-mingled with a significant number of invalid clicks described in (a) above, or as a result of any breach of this Agreement by You for any applicable pay period. Google reserves the right to withhold payment or charge back Your account due to any of the foregoing or any breach of this Agreement by You, pending Google's reasonable investigation of any of the foregoing or any breach of this Agreement by You, or in the event that an advertiser whose Ads are displayed in connection with Your Site(s) defaults on payment for such Ads to Google.

And even more so!

In addition, if You are past due on any payment to Google in connection with any Google program (including without limitation the Google AdWords program), Google reserves the right to withhold payment until all outstanding payments have been made or to offset amounts owed to You in connection with the Program by amounts owed by You to Google.

So in short, you may or may not get paid for your balance. If Google sees that those clicks are all invalid clicks, then Google most likely won't pay you. Why does Google terminate accounts? Mostly because of invalid clicks. So, one can logically assume that most accounts that are terminated do not get paid out their current balance.

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Cristian Mezei

11/01/2006 12:57 pm

I got my account back with the full amount in it: But I ain't using Adsense ever since. Not a good business model to stay 2 weeks with "fraud messages" all over my websites.


11/02/2006 01:29 am

A good number of people have got their account back but most don't. I think the thing that has annoyed webmasters most is that the "Invalid Clicks" email won't arrive until your payment is being processed. So Google will try & get as much money out of you as possible then ban you at the very last moment. I've also heard some Webmasters getting Invalid Clicks emails & not being banned, but mere warnings instead. I'm not sure what the threshold is between the two though. Stuart


11/02/2006 07:20 am

But, As i seen google also terminates the accounts if some one else done fraud click on your site. As i got an experiance about this. My Account got terminated after i received three payments, Suddenly in the month of Augutst Some one started clicking continuosely on google ads, And google gives me termination notice. What to do for this? Google Terminated my account showing that Fraud clicks, but when i asked records not provided, Says google policy..... Uday

Malcolm T

11/15/2006 08:48 pm

If any of you are worried about having your Adsense account diabled due to invalid clicks then as I mention to many..."Get protected!" I was in that same situation, got my account back(barely) and since then armed my account with the Adsense Click Fraud Lock. Read more about this tool at: You'd be glad you did! Prevent it now or don't let it happen again.

No Name

04/01/2009 07:46 pm

Most accounts disabled because they do not read the Google TOS, and most of them tried to deceived Google by clicking their own ads. For those of you who don't already read the Google TOS, here is the summary of some important matters on <a href="" rel="nofollow">How To Avoid Getting Your Adsense Account Terminated</a>. You can't fool Google so better observe the TOS or you'll get banned.

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