Should You Group All Your Sites Under One Webmaster Central Google Account?

Nov 1, 2006 • 6:59 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

There are two threads, both the same exact subject, one at Search Engine Watch Forums and the other at WebmasterWorld that asks if it is wise to use one Google Account for all your sites in your Google Webmaster Central console?

My question is about using Google's Webmaster Tools for multiple sites. If you claim multiple sites, whether or not you upload sitemaps, does Google discount the links/votes from one of these sites to the other? (i.e. Does using these tools hurt your/mine PR and SERP?)

There are two sides to the argument.

(1) Google will give you a benefit, a upgrade, in your rankings because they can trust you more. The more you give Google, the more they trust you, the higher your rank.

(2) Google will be able to easily devalue the links between the sites in your Sitemaps account, since they know it is all from the same owner.

Makes you wonder. Does it build trust or does it devalue the links you currently have?

Forum discussion at Search Engine Watch Forums & WebmasterWorld.

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11/08/2006 08:25 pm

Frankly, how much should inter-linked sites really help, anyway? Anyone who uses multiple sites really wisely doesn't cross link them all together for sake of leaving a footprint that Google can find. Instead, the multiple sites have their own link juice developed on their own respective organic inbound links. Does the benefit outweigh the risk? Personally, the ease of use for me of having just one login rather than countless to monitor really does help, and I haven't seen any real problems yet (knock knock). That said, I don't have to include every one of my sites into Google Webmaster Central, either. Those mini-sites that were built & developed expressly to support a flagship site can just stay right where they are--hidden from view :)

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