Program Your TiVo with Yahoo! TV

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yahoo-tivo.gifShandy King posted a thread at Search Engine Roundtable Forums letting us know that you can now use Yahoo! TV to program your TiVo to record shows for you. FYI - I do not own a TV, so I am not addicted to TiVo's but a lot of people are.

To schedule programming, visit

What do you need to make this happen?

  • A valid Yahoo! account with a e-mail address
  • A valid TiVo user account
  • A TiVo Series2 DVR

So now what is the benefit of using Yahoo! TV over TiVo's interface?

(1) Yahoo! gets to associate your TV watching preferences and history with your Yahoo! profile (2) If you are a Yahoo! user, you have one place to manage this stuff

But number one is a biggy for bridging online ads and TV ads.

This was a long time coming, Yahoo! partnered with TiVo back on Nov. 7, 2005.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Roundtable Forums.

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10/19/2006 03:28 pm

No TV? Doesn't the world end if someone decides not to watch TV? Anyway, got to dash - the next episode of "I'm a celebrity, stick me in a house with camera's; on a desert island; with celebrity chefs; in the middle of hicksville; where I will be forced to talk to criminally insance people and help them in their daily dirty work" is about to start!


01/11/2007 08:57 pm

With Tivo, I was able to see on my tv my photos which were posted on the Yahoo site. Is this possible with Comcast and Scientific Atlanta DVR? Thanks for your response.

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