Google Base Store Connector & eBay Success

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I wrote about Google Base Store Connector at SEW Blog when it first launched. In short, you can download a Windows based application to your computer and use it to pull data from your eBay, Amazon or Yahoo! stores and post them on Google Base. The results will link directly from Google Base to the eBay, Amazon or Yahoo! store URLs.

Finally a thread was created at WebmasterWorld with some feedback.

One person said, "I tried this tool and it worked great for importing an eBay store into Google Base. It took about two minutes and I didn't have any problems."

So others should probably give it a try. As an FYI, the Google Base Bug I found seems to only occur in Apple's Safari browser Matt.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Matt Cutts

10/17/2006 05:39 pm

I passed the bug report on to Base, and that's what they said too, Barry. :) It's on the list to be fixed; in fact, I think it's already fixed, and they're just waiting for the next binary push).

no Name

01/19/2007 04:22 am

Google Base is so easy to use. And it is extra fast. My upload of about 300 products took only 3 minutes.


10/18/2007 10:32 am

i set up shop at ebay,i need tool to expand my store ID:Digital16888

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